62 Buckingham Gate, London

62 Buckingham Gate, London

Project background

This cutting edge development is located in one of London’s most sought after areas for office, retail and residential space, and is now home to a variety of leading international businesses. Bells worked closely with Land Securities and their construction team at NG Bailey, to deliver the best possible solution. Our involvement in the project took just over 18 months from commission to completion.


2 x 2MVA tenants LV prime rated sets, 1 x 660kVA life safety LV set, exhausts and silencers, 2x 30,000l bulk fuel tanks and 1x 1000l split day tank. The acoustic requirement was 65 dB(A) at 1m and catalysts were installed on each set for emissions.


A full hot/standby Allen Bradley PLC system with outstations at each switchboard was installed to control the mains operation of the building. We also specified and fitted fuel control panels, components and associated cabling, MCC for associated fans and cooling pumps, including all associated cabling.