Park House, Oxford Street, London

Park House, Oxford Street, London

Project background

Commissioned in March 2011, Park House was Oxford Street’s largest office development for over 40 years. We were responsible for all design, FAT, supply, delivery, positioning, installation, testing and commissioning, SAT and IST of generator sets and PLCs.


The project consisted the installation of 2 x 2000KVA and 1 x 800KVA generators within a fire-rated acoustic room. We were responsible for the design and spatial co-ordination of the life safety and tenants generator rooms, generators, exhaust gas silencers and c/w catalytic converters, as well as associated mechanical and electrical systems such as bus-bar trunking, pipework and fuel storage tanks.


A PLC system with 5 outstations was installed to control all major LV/MV switchgear, as well as fully interfacing with the C-Matic PMS/EMS system for condition and load shedding operation. The tenants generators, via the G59/2 relays and PLC, synchronised with 2 mains transformer incomers to provide no break return from a mains failure scenario.