20 Gresham Street, London

20 Gresham Street, London

Project background

Hermes Real Estate secured a long-term lease with Standard Bank on a new build in Gresham Street, London. A condition of the premium lease agreement was to provide backup power in the event of a mains power failure. We were able to make generator sets available for immediate delivery to site, which helped to bring the lease forward by 3 months, which improved our client’s forecasted income revenue.


3 x 2000 kVA FG Wilson diesel generator sets, 11kv fitted with Perkins 4016TAG2A diesel engines, coupled to Newage Stamford 11,000 volts alternators. The diesel generator sets were installed into a bespoke, shared plant room with tight constraints set by the consultants and architects. The enclosure was designed to achieve 77 dB at 1 meter, with the sets running (N+1). 


The site has 2 x 11kv ring mains that needed to be controlled and operated by the Allen-Bradley dual / hot standby PLC system, to synchronise the generator sets on a mains failure ‘break’ return to mains basis.