Bells deliver again on Cannon Street

  • Bells Power Solutions generator installation Cannon Street London

Bells Power have successfully delivered another complex generator solution to Cannon Street, following on from multi-set generator deliveries at Bloomberg Building, Cannon Place and Walbrook Building.
The latest project at 2-6 Cannon Street, opposite St Paul Cathedral, consisted of the tenants upgrade of two FG Wilson P800P1 replacing the designed life safety system.

Bells Power design team engineers in-conjunction with Aecom co-ordinated a cooling scheme that many a company would not consider the risk installing. As no airflow other than combustion could be delivered to the Generator Room, the system cooling was carried out by a mix of air conditioning down-flow units and a remote cooling system on the roof. A strict noise level of 55 dB(A) @ 1m from source added to the challenge and with space also being a premium, high cost/performance/quality equipment was selected and installed to ensure that the system provided maximum performance within the smallest footprint possible.

Bells Power also delivered an exhaust flue/silencer system, as well as a fuel storage system as part of the turnkey package, to provide the generator system with 32 hour running capacity at full load. As each generator system was dependent upon a number of auxiliary equipment items, Bells Power designed, manufactured and installed a dedicated Generator MCC panel complete with PLC that controls and monitors each item of plant ensuring the system operates when called upon.

Even though the Generator system was a late CPD package award on the project (due to a Tenant taking the building), Bells Power took on the full CPD responsibility of the system, carried out full BIM on the entirety of the installed works and were the first package to be fully commissioned and handed over on the project.

The Bells Power Group of companies carried out 100% of the design and installation works on this project in-house. Later this year Bells Power will return to site under the fit out package for the tenant, Fidelity Group, and will upgrade the Generator PLC system for main synchronising including full re-commissioning of Generator System.